Auditorio Berkeley. School music

escuela música ingredientes: música, coronación parque, geometría de entorno La imagen formal busca dar respuesta a dos cualidades que definen la música: la sensibilidad y la lógica. Una identidad y sentido propio, de forma que el ir y venir de sus curvas y de sus planos funcionen de forma melódica. La arquitectura planteada, intenta [...]


Foster Hollywood

foster hollywood ingredientes: texturas, luz, calidez Proyectar una nueva experiencia llena de personalidad y texturas para una marca que busca renovar su imagen, y afianzar su identidad. Espacios acogedores, atractivos y singulares. Un espacio más casual, contemporáneo que transmite confianza en la marca y permite disfrutar de la gastronomía y el diseño. acogedor, casual e [...]


Domino’s Pizza

domino's pizza ingredientes: frecura, color, tradición Imagen llena de color, frescura y desenfado que logran de una forma contundente combinar la tradición de la pizza de siempre con el diseño contemporáneo de una marca se sigue creciendo sin límites. Espacios abiertos, llenos de luz en los que los clientes pueden disfrutar del proceso de producción [...]


Offices Arquia. Gijón, Asturias.

arquia offices ingredientes: color, permeability, essence The proposal seeks by extracting the essence of the chromatic lines of the beach houses, be closer to the citizen, achieving offer a positive space, with vivid colors that provide warmth. A new skin, a permeable lattice that hides nothing, and through which light passes subtly showing the bowels [...]


Restaurant Bocao. Den Haag, Nederland

bocao restaurante ingredients: freshness, design, color The aim of the proposal is to offer a fresh, casual and attractive image of Spanish products and the way of eating. A powerful, clear and iconic image that can represent with the color red and the spot not only Spanish cuisine but also its cultural wealth. freshness, naturalness [...]


Alga therapeia. Centro termal. Donosti. País Vasco

alga therapeia ingredients: algae, energy, housing, light screen The proposal seeks to create a seawater and algae research center on the Basque coast, for application in the medical-therapeutic, nutritional and industrial. It will be by create an algal biomass envelope, as the building uses the local resources to stock energy and create a more sustainable [...]


Collider Activity Center. Sofía. Bulgaria

collider center ingredients: landscape, ecology, climbing The new proposal for the topography, emulates a large climbing wall, which integrate the different functional units, including the building, which is part of the same topography. In this way, it creates a natural space for leisure and recreation for the neighbors and tourist. The building, inside the park [...]


Edificio de educación infantil. Zaldíbar. País Vasco

escuela infantil ingredients: functionality, simplicity and creativity The building is presented as an architectural game for children to feel at home, feeling that the building of his first teaching and socialization responds to the metaphor of the first house that draw or build. The aim is to ensure that the architecture is part of the [...]


Restaurante Terrazas. Puerto de Avilés. Asturias

terrazas avilés ingredients: modernity, integration, movement The proposal seeks to modernize the margin of the estuary image , incorporating his character symbols, his struggle. Elements such as the sea, the estuary, the symbol of the metal industry, wood craft, and ultimately, the constant movement idea ​​that transmits over the centuries a port that has preserved [...]


Museo Altamira. Cantabria.

altamira museo ingredients: archeology, poetry, analogy The permanent exhibition must be the expression of cultural heritage that symbolizes Altamira: the forms of life and thought from 18.000 years ago and specifically Altamira, as the most representative of the first art of humanity. The aim, therefore, is the enhancement and interpretation of cultural heritage treasures with a [...]


Centro de interpretación Los Santos de Maimona. Badajoz

centro interpretación ingredients: quarry, cement, diffuse light interaction The suitability of one of the old cement Los Santos de Maimona tunnels, and its subsequent opening to the public involves the recovery and the enhancement of an interesting-industrial mining heritage. The adequacy of this new museum space, framed within the project Vía de la Plata, the [...]


Museo San Telmo. Donosti. País Vasco.

san telmo museo ingredients: museology, character, history, technology Each room shows a style and specific resources, a chapter in the history of the Basque people, their traditions and culture. Audiovisual and technological resources that provide access to educational and interactive contents, live with fragments and historical elements. A living museum of tradition and cutting [...]


Pabellón Emiratos Árabes Unidos Expo Zaragoza 2008

pabellón emiratos ingredients: spectacular, light sensations, intensity The United Arab Emirates flag-pavilion for the Zaragoza 2008 Expo is presented as an exhibition project that reflects the potential of a country without limits. Using light, color and volume, the desert becomes the key element of the route, involving the visitor in the atmosphere of the place [...]


Ciudad de la Cultura. Universidad Laboral. Gijón. Asturias.

ciudad de la cultura ingredients: culture, monuments, hybridization Technical direction for the rehabilitation of the Former University of Gijon to become a space of cultural diffusion,a large artistic and informative entity. The RTPA, the Theatre, the ESAD, the Center for Art and Creative Industries, the University, the Vocational Training Facilities and other activities make up an [...]


Bitterfeld-wolfen. Alemania.

bitterfeld-wolfen ingredients: power, landscape, sustainability Bitterfeld-Wolfen is the example of an industrial territory that has a huge potential landscape. A revitalizing strategy based on 3 action points: 1.Reconnect: with the territory, with the City, with the Urban Linving and with the "stimulation nodes". 2. Reactivate production systems: create a catalogue of activation & stimulation [...]


Centro de interpretación del Peñalara. Madrid.

peñalara centro ingredients: sensitivity, sustainability, environment integration The proposed Interpretation Centre, intended as a research tool to promote species and habitat conservation, restoration and regeneration of plant cover by communication and acting, and a laboratory and seed bench collection for direct seeding. To achieve absolute synergy between context and building, the vegetation becomes the axis [...]


Arqui-Cómic. Vallecas. Madrid

arqui-cómic ingredients: architectura, comic, vallecas The relationship between architecture and comics are binding either by a functional use application where architecture is a setting in which the illustrator staged actions of his characters, while for others, the architecture complements and enhances the story builds character its characters and even becomes a character. We have organized [...]


Semana de la Arquitectura 2012. Madrid

semana arquitectura ingredientes: architecture, sustainability and teach The aim of the exhibition and conference, is to get the residents of the district and the city, are more knowledgeable of the neighborhood and architectural silhouettes in recent years, and what are the concepts exhibit differentiating XXI century architecture. A creative materiality is the one that [...]


Pabellón Madrid. Expo Shanghai 2010

madrid pabellón ingredients: innovation, technology and occupancy In a very visual, effective and coherent way the spaces are articulate and converse among themselves, offering a clear vision of everyday life in the city. Madrid is displayed to the visitor as a city to live, to enjoy and to build together. Madrid becomes throughout the [...]


Stand ICEX para feria de alimentos y vinos

ICEX stands ingredients: forcefulness, color, strength, functionality Design of ICEX's stands for fairs, with the goal of ephemeral architecture endowed with strength, character and forcefulness that allows attributing the concepts of freshness, modernity and innovation to the firm Spain. The space aims to be functional, adaptable, changeable, comfortable and above all serve the distribution and [...]


Auditorio Berkeley. School music

escuela música ingredientes: música, coronación parque, geometría de entorno La imagen formal busca dar respuesta a dos cualidades que definen la música: la sensibilidad y la lógica. Una identidad y sentido propio, de forma que el ir y venir de sus curvas y de sus planos funcionen de forma melódica. La arquitectura planteada, intenta [...]