Debate sobre arquitectura sostenible en Tetuán

Judit Aragonés, arquitecta y miembro de Estudio Dinamik, residente en Tetuán, ofrece una conferencia sobre la evolución de los actuales procesos constructivo, con ejemplos prácticos en varios distritos de Madrid Si hay un rasgo característico [...]

18 October 2012|

Alga Therapeia finalist in international competition

The project was a finalist in Alga Therapeia Landscape Design section of the international competition of algae for energy production with Algae 2011, where schemes are proposed to integrate the production of algae in the [...]

21 May 2012|

Exposure Madrid vs New York shows the contrasts of two cities

We are too used to photograph and imagine the city through its most famous architecture, creating an ideal vision that reflects the urban landscape of the city users. everyday urban landscapes is our attention to [...]

30 January 2012|

Living architecture, enjoy the culture

The newspaper  Tetuán 30 días, interviews Dinamik Study in Madrid to know the study and the cultural proposals that Dinamik Study has provided. See article from Tetuán 30 días

30 November 2011|

Rehabilitation of the City of Culture of the University of Gijon

During the 3-year duration of the rehabilitation work of the City of Culture of the University of Gijon, numerous publications have described in detail the activities carried out in different buildings. See monograph

30 December 2010|